IT Consultancy

Expert, impartial advice to help you adapt to the changing technical needs of your business.


Your business needs to be able to meet the developing needs of your staff and your customers. typically you only have limited knowledge, time and money to invest in IT. 

The team at Blue Tree IT have a wide ranging base of skills and experience in delivering Technology based solutions to small to medium businesses and creating exceptional value.


Sometimes all you need is an honest, expert view. We don’t have any agendas or vendor preferences, we’ll simply talk to you honestly and openly about your business challenges and work to find the best way to meet them.


Our consultants understand both business and IT and speak plainly to bridge the language and culture barrier that often stands between your Business and the Technology that can help it most.


Whether you need assistance with planning a new IT solution, infrastructure, server environment or want advice on software to support the way you work, Blue Tree IT consultants are on hand to provide you with help based on hard won business experience. Disaster Planning or rather Planning against disaster is a particular forte. We are also a great asset to have on hand in the event that disaster does strike.


Our Consultants have an exceptionally wide exposure to all forms of software and hardware solutions from vendors worldwide. We also have the skills in- house to devise, build and deliver innovative solutions from scratch.


If you’re unsure about how to capitalise on all the technology at your disposal, our IT consultancy service can help you choose a roadmap that will meet your needs today and for years to come.

We’re here to help you plot your way through the options. We can specify solutions, select vendors and scope projects. We can create a business case for your IT or simply provide a little advice when you need it.


Call to discuss the possibility of a free fact finding meeting.