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Phone System

Our Hosted Telephony solutions give you an alternative to traditional PBX hardware, with the flexibility and scalability you need to take control of your communications estate and adapt as your business changes.


We provide a fully-managed, feature-rich functionality that can be rapidly deployed using IP handsets. As a result, you can enjoy single number, on-premise capabilities that you can operate from anywhere.


With comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity built in, as well as the freedom to customise individual features, a highly cost-effective, low-risk choice for small to medium businesses and larger enterprises.

Whether your are looking to improve service, satisfy compliance, mobilise your workforce, promote your environmental credentials or save money, Our solution helps you achieve your goals.

Key Features

  • Full PBX functionality

  • Geographic presence in any area code

  • Full business continuity

  • Basic functionality; make and receive calls, transfer and hold

  • Voicemail with email notifications

  • Hunt groups

  • Auto attendant

  • Call recording

  • Mobile Application

  • Desktop Calling Application

  • Click to dial

  • Conference Calling

Did you know!

ISDN telephone services will become redundant in the near future? now is the time to look to change, get away from all the faults and finger pointing that cause issues in the daily operation and move everything into the CLOUD.