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Blue Tree IT and Communications

Blue Tree IT

Blue Tree IT was set up in 2016 by an IT professional with a passion to offer a customer-driven service rather than profit-driven. We are committed to providing the highest quality IT services and our aim is to deliver growth through the use of cutting-edge technology and work in partnership with key vendors to bring our customers the latest technology available to them. We offer an extensive range of IT support and services including IT consultancy, managed services, project management, virtualisation and disaster recovery.

Our approach

Using a consultative approach, our team of highly skilled IT professionals work with clients to understand the needs of the business both now and in the future, ensuring we fully understand the requirements before offering advice. Our ethos is built upon providing our clients a flexible and personal service and we will always go the extra mile to ensure our client’s productivity is maximised. Whatever the size of the organisation we understand that our clients’ IT is critical and as a business we concentrate on technical excellence so that our clients can focus on running their business with confidence.

Blue Tree Communications

In 2017 Blue Tree Communications was setup by Telecoms and IT professionals with a passion to drive down cost and increase service in the local area.

With over 20 years experience in the Telecoms and IT sector we have very carefully selected partners that we can rely on to ensure the solutions we deliver are robust and priced accordingly ensuring our high level of customer service is achieved.

We know how painful it can be both on the pocket and brain when choosing new Telecoms and IT Solutions and that is why you should choose to work with Blue Tree IT & Communications, not only will we save your business money but well provide you a service that we ourselves expect from suppliers supporting our business.

Too often we meet with customers who are being charged for items on their bill that simply do not exist with very little support or service once that paperwork is signed.

Blue Tree IT & Communications 

Throughout the years of 2017/2018 it became quite apparent that the cross-over between telecoms and IT services was more poignant than ever due to how technology has changed in the last few years. With hosted telephony relying more and more on IT back end settings it was crucial to us that we could offer customers depth in our support providing a one-stop-shop and negating the classic finger-pointing game of “it’s your lines” or “no, it’s your phone system”

By merging the businesses we are positive we not only understand the latest technology but we can confidently deliver robust IT and Telecoms solutions for customers of any size limiting downtime, historic call our charges for site visits, faults and all the other wonderful excuses traditional Telco companies use to make money from you.

If you would like a refreshing service with cost reductions Blue Tree IT & Communications are the company for you.

We don’t employ sales teams we work on referrals from our existing customers/network and this is how we have built our business so far.

IT Hardware and Support :

  • Fed up of call out fees outside your retainer cost?

  • Feel like you’re spending a small fortune on IT?

  • Looking for a local friendly company that understands your needs?

  • Want to save money?

Telecoms : 

  • Looking to better your phone system?

  • Looking to improve your broadband speeds?

  • Need to find ways of driving more calls to your business?

  • Want to save money?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then get in touch – the worst that may happen is you find out you are paying too much and realise we can provide you with much better and friendlier local service.


At Blue Tree we'll support, advise and lead you through the darkness of Telecoms and IT keeping you rooted to your business and your daily focuses.